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David's Family Heirloom

Woo Hoo, going home to Durango!!!

Beautiful from all angles.

Diamond Tufting Complete

Inside News

Diamond tufting is restored.  The original horse hair was reworked and a new layer of cotton batting applied.

Refinishing finished, on to the reupholstery

We have replaced the old webbing and instead of burlap, we have opted to use a heavy duty canvas for more strength. 
Today we'll be reconstructing the diamond tufting.  Lots of work ahead.

David's chair restoration has begun

Al is making good progress with the refinishing.
We'll be stripping this chair down to bare frame for a complete restoration.

David's father's chair ready for restoration

David brought us this beautiful heirloom to be completely restored.  We'll be using a soft, supple oxblood leather and a warm chestnut finish for the wood.  Please check back to see our progress.
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