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Roma's chair

Sorry, I forgot to share with you Roma's chairs.  Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Reproducing parts for Roma's chair

Al's making good progress on reproducing parts on the lathe for Roma's chair.

Good as new!

On the mend

Write your post here.

OUCH!!! My leg is broken.

This looks awful, but you'll soon see it's complete rehab.

Betty's chair HOME SWEET HOME

Back home again.  Betty's chair now has a new, comfy seat cushion of a feather/poly/down casing with a high density foam core.  Its been a pleasure bringing this wonderful chair back to life.  

Albuquerque Journal Article

Just wanted to thank Rick Nathanson, Journal Staff Writer for the wonderful article,'Keep your seat: Fix that chair which came out this past Saturday.  We've received so many calls, both new business and from customers we've known for years.  Thank you too, Dean Hanson, Journal photographer.

Coming Right Along

Arms and back 002 (2)Betty's chair is coming right along.  We reused the original horse hair padding and added to that, a very firm high density foam for the arm rest and new cotton batting overall.  The best of old and new.
Then of course the fabric, matching the pattern both horizontally and vertically. So we're in good shape for tomorrow when we'll close up the sides, back and hopefully get started on the seat cushion.  Getting close!

Betty's chair

Deck 008Monday; the deck is on and the reconstruction of the arms is complete. 


Springs 006Seat and back springs are now retied and ready for new padding. This is an 8 way tie on the seat versus the 4way found in most new furniture.  This ensures a stable, long lasting foundation.
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